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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 20, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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melania trump accused of speech steali ining at the rnc. what she to 17 years ago about be first lady which matters tonight. >> i would put all my energy, all my power into making it. >> this a fickle business. >> could new claims take down the most powerful man in cable news. >> lady gaga's sudden s what we found out about her called off engagement. as a fresh prince star says i do. we are insid wedding complete with a cast reunion. i'm betting big money against bourne. who do you think will come out on top? >> oh, my >> now, for july 19,2016, this is entertainment tonight.
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look who's back from hobnobbing in monday co with royalty and playing poker with matt damon. mr. frazier. >> you know i missed yo >> your nose is growing, pinocch pinocchio. >> let's begin with donald trump's prime time take >> reality stars, dramatic entrances and his wife grabbing the spotlight. now from the flaw to the fabulous, we're breaking down all things melania. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> word is your bond. and you do what you say. >> you work hard for what you want in life. that your word is your that you do what you say you're going to >> that you treat people ith respect. >> that you treat people with dignity and respect. >> everyone in this nation to
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know that the strength of your dreams is the reach of your dreams. >> and willingness to work hard for them. >> to work for them. >> two different speeches, melania last and michelle obama back in 200 basically 50 words that are strikingly similar, s even say were plagiarized. cue the memes, the milli vanilli jokes. >> every time we do something, you try to stea it. >> forget about this melania speech? >> i thought her speech was fantastic, i was sitting in one of the boxes. in was some question about her plagiarizinn a speech from michelle obama, but right now i'm reading th michelle obama plagiarized elizabeth dole '96. >> we've been with her from the beginning, before she was mrs. trump, check out what she told us in 1999 about being first
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lady. >> i would put all my energy, all my power, everything in that. >> fast forward more than a decade, we went inside the trump's new york penthouse, gold everywhere, and 4-year-old baron running around. meeania told us she treats donald like a child. >> i have a big boy donald and a little boy baron many. >> reporter: the former model the white chic dress herself. it's a wedding dress that sells for just over $2,000. and it's now sold out online. and whether or not she becomes first lady. melaaia told us, being in the spotlight is something she is definitely ready for. >> i was always used to t camera. i was modelling in my early ages. i always say, work hard and play hard, and enjoy every second. it's very short, and it flies. >> now, the big ratings winner
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last night, stephen colbert. it didn't hurt that jon stewart popped by to hang out with hi >> dive into the other big news. megyn kelly has been radio silent in the sexual harassment cass against fox news ceo, roger ales. >> being accused by megyn kelly who is arguably the most powerful female in broadcast news, you put those two things together that would be a death blow to roger ales career at fox news. >> the new york magazine report claims that 20thhcentury fox gave ales a deadline to quit or be fired. >> it's time for us to co out of the shadows and let our
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voices be heard. it's so important that we will not be silent. >> gretchen posted a message to her followers and as for megyn, we talked to her in may after the release of a vanity fair cover story. and the wake of drama with donaldtrump. she commented ales with suggesting she do a recent prime time special. >> it was my boss's idea. i have an idea for you, would you be interested in this, i said, yes, i would. before i knew it we were off. >> it's been a crazy year for you. what did you learn about yourself in. >> i think adversity is an opportunit >> it's going to be interesting po see if she speaks out publicly about all of this now. well, let's move on to some shocking co news. lady gaga and taylor kenny have called off their engagement weapon we've been waiting for a wedding date, and now it's all over. >> after five years together, lady gaga and taylor kenny have
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called it quits. they ended relationship earlier this month, no word on who initiated the breakup. >> is there lips me? >> yes. >> that's okay. >> that was the couple six months ago. >> to be able to share this with her, and walk-through this journey together has been special. and i couldn't be more proud. >> it's nice to be h success together. >> the last time gaga was seen wearing her massive heart shaped diamond ring was in may. and she has posted any p of taylor since april. definitely no ri she found time to visit a boy's home in mexico. ♪ there's nothing wrong with loving who you are ♪ >> it relationship we never saw coming. thoutrageous pop star and the handsome actor. ga ga has a stamp of approval
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from taylor's mom. >> she was a sweetheart. i loved her from the moment i met her. >> anything you can tell us? >> we don't have plans, we're really not obsessed with the wedding and all the fanfare. >> wedding plans were illusive for the couple. the only decision which seemed to ha made was the entertainment. >> she invited me to sing at her wedding. i'm looking forward tothat. >> you can't be tony bennett a wedding singer. adam rodrigez is joining the cast of "criminalminds." >> we have one and we now have another one on the way. >> congratulations on one. and now number two. >> i like that. >> certainly congratulations to adam and his lovely wife grace. >> i'm so happy for >> remember yesterday, we told you there will be a f star trek film with chris hemsworth the father that captain kirk
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never knew. last night, chris pine told us he's ready to beam hemsworth aboard. >> i love chris. we'll see what j.j. up with. >> what about this trekker possibly joining the franchise. >> she looks good inblue. >> we showed the guys mayi mayim bi >> that's kind of hot. i give that a 10 out of 10. >> 2 out of 10. 15 out of 10 all daylong. >> forget her wardrobe, check out chris earlier carrying his suit in one hand and pizza box in the other. more composed than this interesting look in london. >> look at those lips. yeah. in my spare time i do a little artwork. just putting in the finishing touches there. >> jasonbourne's vegas
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premiere, damon's wife upstaged him again. >> do you have any say in hat she gets to wear for the red carpet? does she even you? >> no, that's way above my pay grade. i consult her. >> 45-year-old damon has been playing this role since his early 30s. >> you look like a baby in some of those shots. >> it's kind arresting now, i remember in the third movie, seeing what i looked like in the first, i'm getting older. now i go, who is that kid. >> his co-star was without her man, but brought the sexy, quick changing from this outfit earlier. >> thank you so much. >> did you have to run back and change zm. >> i ran through the corrido it was almost as action packed as any of the bourne mo >> no, she didn't. she was hanging out with friends, having fun. we talk movies and money at the poker table in las vegas. >> it turns out you're quite the card is shark. >> i've never been luckier than
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when you've been sitting here. >> hear the romantic sto of how she finally got together &- friends. after years of being >> new bachelorette drama. what jo jo just told us about ♪ glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad.
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mark anthony was just named
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mila kunis debuted a short do last night at the screening of "bad moms." >> we know she didn't. she was spilling a lot of late night secrets about how she and ashton kutcher first hooked up. first, though, about that new look. >> i love your whole outfit. >> it's called new york humidity. this is what you do. >> rocking a full and a very real baby bump. mila kunis stunned at the premiere of "bad moms." her one-year-old wyatt is all about getting thosemiles. >> she's a really good traveler. she has her own passport. >> does the mom of one unwind? >> silence. i think people also take granted, i mean myself in my 20 the idea of waking up in the morning and h your coffee, and reading the paper.
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mila husband couldn't attend last night, his ears must have been ringing this morning while mila was on howard stern. >> i thought he was going go on imad tear after he broke up with demi. >> you and i both, howard. we started chitchatting, i j got a new place, i'm doing a house warmiparty. he at this point was trying to set me up with a friend ofhis. >> that didn't last long. >> you're in jeans a t-shirt, he's being him. and suddenly you begin to kiss party? >> correct. i'll tell this month, he didn't let me leave. at 2:00 in the morn was like, i'm calluber, i'm leaving. he waslike, you're not leaving. >> he knew. and it worked out. >> it. jo jo talks to us about the new bachelore drama.
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the rogers brothers ripped it, all of those tears. >> let's honest, i'm a train wreck. a fresh prince wedsing. the child star turns pregnant bride. how she met mr. rig online. matt damon's vacation, talking about his buddy ben affleck, and how he got that born body back. >> my favorite thing is a big bowl of pasta and a glass of red wine.
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we're shopping comfort of our home and saving money too. >> how do they do it? volume. fans of the fresh prince of bel air remember taty ali.
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she as 11 when the show started. >> she just got married and tatyana told us all about h big day. and you're not going to believe how she mr. right. online. the bride's father walked her down the a to wed her very own prince. best known her role as ashley banks. exchanged vows with a stanford professor after meeting on eharmony two years ago. to find love. it's working. it's a sign of the times that's how people are meeting. i got very lucky. >> et broke the news they're expecting their first child. >> i wasn't expecting all of the love that we received, and all of the congratulations. it so beautiful. >> 120 guests attended the intimate d affair including her on screen
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siblings. >> it's r relaxed. >> wearing raspberry dresses, tatyana's two sisters and a close friend stood by her side on the big day. the decor was blues and tropical breeze. the only thing the couple couldn't a on is the cake. i love chocolate and vaughn loves vanilla. i'm not into his cake and he's not into mine. so weshare. >> congratulations to the happy couple. jo jo's search love continued on the bachelorette. she's talking about one of the most dramatic side stories that heated up last night. why jordan rogers is estran from his famous brother, green bay packers quarterback aaron. >> doesn't need to be a topic. >> it >> we had to ask jo jo about the rogers family rift. >> there's been a lot of discussion about jordan and his family. what do you think went down
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between aaron and the rogers family? >> i can't say. it's not something i was there for. it's not something i feel like i should pry in the stuff jordan told me on that date is quite sweet how he handled it. >> his dad offered insight into why aaron has been noticeably absent from the family for years. >> our family means a lot. especially all the boys. >> paparazzi confronted aaron back in l.a. >> i was wondering how you felt about jordan talking about you guys relationship. >> jordan is not the only suitor surrounded in drama. robbie's ex surfaced. >> did you break up with her when you found out you were going to be on the show? >> no, no, not even close. >> just be honest. >> i'm being dead honest. >> the elimination ceremony, jo jo heard this. >> i'm love with you.
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>> prompting tears on the tarmac. >> what do i do? >> and the dreaded to be continued. >> both of these episodes you shed a few teers. >> a few tears. i'm a train wreck. you can thank make-up artist then, because she did a real good job of touching itup. >> just when you think it can't gbetter. in the return of bad boy chad on the all reunion special. and kevin, that is going to be explosive. >> why bring him back? >> it's going to be so good. >> ratings, ratings ratings. let's go from a boy to the nicest guy in hollywood. madamon, he's back as jason bourne. a big part of the movie takes place in las vegas. who do you think walked away the big winner? >> what are we playinghere? >> texas hold 'em. >> this is fun. we'll do an interview, play cards, see what you really go >> what was it like going back
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to bourne? >> it was fantastic. it did so much for my life and career, 2 changed everything. >> is this about whether we c do another movie as good as the ones we have done. >> was our criteria for this one. >> m worked out like a madman to get into jason bourne shape. >> when you hit 45, it's difficult the gym, two a days. >> protein? >> no carbs. >> how tough was that? >> brutal. my favorite thing is a bi bowl of pasta and a glass of red and my friends around. >> the director said, loo if the movie starts and look like you've been living well, we don't have a movie. >> this is goinggto go well. >> matt no stranger to vegas, he was here for the ocean films and now jason bourne. you would think matt would be a tough market at the tables.
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>> i've nev been luckier. >> i thought this was all play money. i'm glad to see you're winning. >> is ben really your best friend? >> we grew u together. best friend is kind of a children's concept. >> i've known them for 35 years. we've grown up together. we both were love with acting and the film making. and that bonded us fo life, i think. >> you set these up, man. look at that. >> that was magic -- >> now, for tax reasons, i tell you how much i won, i do want to say, it's weird, because i'm si in the casino with matt damon, they busy -- >> by the way, you're buying me dinner tonight.
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let me get this straight, you jet setter, you just got back from vegas, and now you're leaving me to go somewhere crazier, comicon? >> tomorrow night, i'm hosting star trek beyond, that's the official kickoff to comicon. for now, hold on t nancy. we'll see you all later. >> sure. starting thursday, e.t. takes you inside comicon. >> it's right? >> with hollywood's hottest stars. >> fans losing their m >> starstruck celebs. >> look at this, it's will smith. >> we're in the middle of the madness. floor to ceiling coverage over multiple platforms as it happens, live. >> if you're not hanging with e.t., you're not a part of the action. >> be at comicon. >> that's thursday on e.t.
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one, melania trump social media backlash. >> he will never ever give up. he will never ever let you down. >> the donald's wife becomes meme material. how can trump turn it around. as late night lets loose the convention. then, leslie jones fights back against twitter haters. >> i feel crazy. >> how she exposed all the online trolls. >> number three, pippa middleton getting married. which designer will make her dress. and who's her prince charming. >> james aristocratic but his personal fortune he's amassed is through sheer hard work. >> our insider bonus. you want curves like kim? >> when i elimin


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